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Book Diversion Safe

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The Book Diversion Safe is a clever and discreet way to hide your valuables. Weighing 1.33 lbs, this safe provides a secure hiding place for items like jewelry and cash. It comes in a variety of realistic book titles, making it indistinguishable from a regular book. With interior dimensions of 7¾ x 4 x 1, it offers ample storage space. You can place it on a bookshelf or coffee table without raising suspicion. The safe uses legitimate book titles and covers for authenticity and fits valuables securely. It allows you to hide items in plain sight and offers versatility in placement. Overall, the Book Diversion Safe ensures secure storage for your valuable items in a cost-effective and inconspicuous manner.

• Uses authentic book titles and covers
• Accommodates valuable items, including jewelry
• Conceal your belongings discreetly on a bookshelf
• Internal dimensions: 7¾” x 4″ x 1″

Weight 1.33 lbs

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